Steering Committee

Business Meeting

SNL conducts monthly business meetings the second Saturday of each month. All members are welcome to attend. Besides the business meeting, SNL has created an (“IGCD”). First written in 1983, it was designed specifically for members to learn how SNL works. The IGCD is used each year during SNL’s annual Group Conscience meeting.

Informed Group Conscience Document

This docment is a record of some of the discussions held during Steering Committee meetings of the SNL Group, organized for easy reference. This is set down so that those who follow may take advantage of the experience offered here. These are not “by-laws,” but rather a record of decisions made which took into account the available experience, wisdom, and informed group conscience.

Steering Committee

Group ChairpersonChris H
Group SecretaryKami
TreasurerMike H
Finance CoordinatorFran
Facilities CoordinatorIan
Literature CoordinatorDavid G
Refreshment CoordinatorClay
Birthday CoordinatorsGary O / Yvonne
Events CoordinatorLynn P
Speaker CoordinatorLaura D
General Services RepKris U
Intergroup RepresentativeVictor C
Womens SponsorshipJulia J
Mens SponsorshipJohn B
Hospitals and Institutions RepDave F
Public Information (PI/CPC)Kris U
Noon Meeting CoordinatorMarko
6 PM Meeting CoordinatorMartin B
Evening Meeting CoordinatorThomas K
Midnight Meeting CoordinatorAmes
Secretaries WorkshopChris C
Announcements CoordinatorMartin B
Group ArchivistLinda
Website CoordinatorKeith